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Wufoo Webhook - Export to Google Spreadsheet

by itDuzzit   (February 18, 2013)
This webhook will add a row to a Google Docs spreadsheet every time your Wufoo form is submitted. If the Google Spreadsheet does not exist, one will be created.

You can view and remove all of your registered webhooks in Wufoo on the form's Notification Settings page.

Note: This is no longer the preferred way of sending data from Wufoo to Google. Instead, create a new duzzit and use the Cloud-to-Cloud configurator to configure the integration.

Please see for more information.

Required to register this webhook
Enter the form name, url, or hash

If none specified, the Wufoo form name is used.
If auto-creating a new spreadsheet, select this to include fields 'Payment Status', 'Payment Currency', 'Payment Total', 'Payment Confirmation', and 'Payment Merchant'