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Nexmo - Send Multiple SMS From Email

by itDuzzit   (September 10, 2011)
Use email to send SMS from your Nexmo account.

Select the "Get as: Inbox" link to determine the email address of your private mailbox.

The plain text body of the email should be in this format:
nexmo-from: <the from name or if US/Canada, the from number>
nexmo-text: <the text message. may contain multiple lines>
nexmo-to: <a comma separated or line break separated list of mobile numbers>
nexmo-from: 17735551212
nexmo-text: Hello from itDuzzit.
nexmo-to: 17735551234,17735551235,17735551236

IMPORTANT: Email messages may be delayed. You will receive an e-mail confirmation from itDuzzit when your email has been processed. Give it some time. If you don't get the reply right away, do NOT send again or you may send the same message to your recipients twice.

You must connect your Nexmo account to your itDuzzit account by setting your Nexmo API key and secret on the itDuzzit Connections page.