Connect Wufoo to Zoho CRM

Wufoo Zoho CRM

Use itDuzzit to connect Wufoo to Zoho CRM. Our Cloud-to-Cloud configurator lets you easily integrate your cloud apps by combining two pre-built connectors. Or, use our Duzzit Editor to create your own connectors without any programming. The possibilities are endless!

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Here's how itDuzzit works

Using the itDuzzit Cloud-to-Cloud configurator is easy.

  Select a source application and connector
  Select a target application and connector
  Map fields from source to target

Watch our video for a demonstration.

Check the list of connectors to see if itDuzzit supports your integration scenario

Get Data from Wufoo

  • A Wufoo Form is Submitted

Send Data to Zoho CRM

  • Create or Update Account
  • Create or Update Case
  • Create or Update Contact
  • Create or Update Lead
  • Create or Update Potential
  • Create Potential, Account, and Contact
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Update Record

Get Data from Zoho CRM

  • New Calendar Event (Polling)
  • New Lead (Polling)
  • New or Updated Account (Instant/Webhook)
  • New or Updated Contact (Instant/Webhook)
  • New or Updated Lead (Instant/Webhook)
  • New or Updated Potential (Instant/Webhook)
  • New or Updated Sales Order (Instant/Webhook)
  • New Potential (Polling)
  • Webhook Invoked

Send Data to Wufoo

  • Create Entry