Using FreshBooks with BlueFolder

If you use BlueFolder for service management and invoice your customers with FreshBooks, itDuzzit can save you hours each month by automatically synchronizing billing information between the two systems. itDuzzit’s BlueFolder to FreshBooks integration automatically creates invoices in FreshBooks and updates your BlueFolder service requests with payment status.


  • Generate FreshBooks invoices with BlueFolder labor, material, and expenses.
  • Create one invoice per service request, or group several service requests into a single invoice.
  • Synchronize invoices as-needed or schedule it to run automatically.
  • Schedule synchronization once per day or several times throughout the day.
  • Create customer records in FreshBooks automatically.
  • Update BlueFolder service requests with FreshBooks invoice number, date, and link.
  • Update BlueFolder payment status automatically when the FreshBooks invoice is paid.
  • Send labor to FreshBooks time entries.

itDuzzit offers its BlueFolder / FreshBooks integration as a hosted, subscription-based service, with a free plan that will allow you to try it before you buy. In addition to BlueFolder FreshBooks integration, your monthly subscription gives you access to our entire library our solutions and includes a platform for building your own custom integration solutions.

For more information on our BlueFolder / FreshBooks integration, visit our product documentation or contact us.

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