FreshBooks Webhooks

If you’re a FreshBooks user, you know how simple and easy it is to create and send invoices using FreshBooks. FreshBooks is great for developers too. In addition to providing a comprehensive list of API functions, FreshBooks also implements Webhooks. Webhooks allow developers to configure Freshbooks to call external web services whenever an event occurs within Freshbooks. For instance, if you would like a text (SMS) message sent every time an invoice is created, you can register to have a text messaging web service invoked whenever the “invoice.create” event occurs. You can also use Webhooks to synchronize your FreshBooks data with other systems.

itDuzzit makes using FreshBooks Webhooks easy.

For non-developers, itDuzzit provides pre-built webhooks that send text message notifications from FreshBooks.

For a customized solution, you can easily build your own Webhook service using our visual duzzit editor. Start off using the FreshBooks Webhook template, which contains all the necessary logic to support the Webhook registration process. The editor also gives you drag-and-drop access to over 60 FreshBooks API calls.

Here’s a video showing how its done:

To learn more about Webhooks, visit

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